About Me

We all see ourselves through the eyes of our experiences, the people, places and circumstances that have shaped us.

‘Who am I?’ can have a very flexible answer!

I am probably almost certainly not who you think I am..although I have always been a writer. Aged 11, I was given my first typewriter – a clunky beast which my dad bought from work.  I was always losing my fingers in the keys!

Poetry was something I gravitated towards from the outset: childish verse, rhymes, emotion.  It was all there in my juvenille poems.

I also wrote letters.  Lots of them.  In this decade of text and tech’ it seems rather old fashioned, although also rather romantic.  I had penfriends and I wrote to other friends and relatives all over the world.

In 1979 I won my first writing competition and had my winning essay published in a journal.  If I’d had a blog back then I would have carried on writing ‘articles’, as it was I was still at school, so I wrote essays instead.

I’ve carried on with the poetry throughout my writing life, and my first collection ‘Immersion’ comes out soon.  Other poems have appeared in magazines and been placed in competitions and you can find some of these on the website.

The blog contains various posts featuring key areas of interest: food, sustainability, homelessness, natural history and writing of course.  Pick and chose what takes your fancy.  I’ll be adding a section with writing specific posts and occasional features on books.

So what else do you want to know?  I live in a remote North Eastern corner of the beautiful Scottish highlands and enjoy outdoor swimming and walking.  My other major passions are food and photography.  I made a business out of my love of food and can be found baking bread for community markets.  You can find me at markets and event throughout the highlands.

I currently spend most of my time writing and cooking, although not exactly making a living.

I  come from a generation of protesters and carry a fold-up soap box most of the time. Don’t get me started…

Getting in touch

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