Let’s Joy up and be Springful!

It’s Spring!  Although confusingly, it is also British Summertime.  It would appear that the weather is as confused as I am.  I sat on a beach this week.  This might not seem like a particularly odd thing to do, but given that it is March and I live in the North of Scotland, it is a little unusual.  The previous two winters have been the coldest on record for decades, and then this year we get a mild, dry winter with hellish gales that blew my greenhouse away!  This is not primarily a blog about the weather, however much we Brit’s love talking about it, but it should be a poke in the eye to climate change detractors.  Something is definitely amiss, and not just in the UK.  That topic is for another day. 

Today the sunshine is my reason for writing, or I suppose more accurately, Spring.  We anticipate it avidly in the depths of winter and when it arrives we hope to slough off the dark, drear and idleness and get into the great outdoors.  Well, I do at least!  The daffodils are glowing in their luminosity, nodding heads in the breeze, the grass is growing, the blossom is blooming, and the animal world is getting jiggy.  There are no lambs here yet –this is northern hill country and lambs born too early would suffer from the cold- but the ewes are head butting and bouncing, and the cows and bulls are back in the fields after their winter confinement.  It’s great to see.  It’s great to be a part of the natural world joying  up for spring.  If the sunshine and shoots and new life don’t put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, whatever your woes, I find that quite sad.  I would urge everyone, townie or country-dweller, to get outside and take some time to notice what’s going on out there: the creatures coming out of hibernation, the birds building nests, the parks and gardens bursting into life.  Spring may not change your circumstances, but it does have the capacity to bring light, life and energy into our greyed-out existences – if we let it!

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