A Funny Business

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Top of Pen with sunlightI am currently writing a work of non-fiction, which may not seem strange to anyone reading my blog, but it seems very odd to me!

My writing life to date, 40 years of it, has been made of  non-fiction: poetry, short-stories, and at least one novel in progress.  I suppose it shouldn’t have been a shock.  My first published piece of writing was an essay, which was produced in a medical review, and my main other chunk of writing has been for a community newsletter.  I’ve had the odd poem published in magazines, and competition anthologies, but when I think about it, most of my body of published work to date is non-fiction.

I was equally perplexed the other month when I found myself writing a semi-romantic short story for a competition entry.  I am not a romantic: I don’t read romantic fiction, or watch romantic films.  Ask anyone.  What’s more, I now have other stories in the same sort of genre queuing up to be written.  What in earth is going on?

I suspect part of the reason may be that, having decided to concentrate exclusively on non-fiction for the last few months, my creative brain is demanding some sort of outlet.  It’s behaving like a petulant child who’s been told she can’t have pudding!

So it seems that whilst I still control the pen, or in this case the keypad, there’s some part of my brain – a stranger to me- determining the output.  This writing lark is definitely a right funny business!


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