I’m Resisting ‘The Beautiful Grid’

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a rebel or because I’m fundamentally messy, but my Instagram grid is a mixture of personal, nature, writing, my photo of the day, art and anything that takes my interest. It is not coherent. It is not thematic. It’s simple and complicated together. A bit like life. A bit like me.

I recently attended an Instagram training course which suggested how my grid should look. How it needs to be consistent and beautiful to attract the right people, whether customers or collaborators. I’m sure that’s hard won knowledge which is indisputable. However,I am still resisting ‘the beautiful grid’. My grid is a riot of colour, a mix of topics. It is not a brand to be marketed, a product to be sold and nor am I. Whilst I  might like to ‘increase my reach’ and get ‘more engagement’, essentially I simply want to connect; to find people who like similar things. Sure, I also want people to buy a painting or a card, or a book, or read a blog post and a ‘marketing strategy’ might be the sensible, logical, way to do this. I should listen to the experts and deploy their principles.  I have taken on board some of the ideas and I’m certainly more savvy than when I started out on the platform a couple of years ago. However, I’m still resisting the ‘beautiful grid’, the magic formula for success, someone else’s idea of how my squares should be. I’ll have to hope enough people don’t mind the chaos and will connect anyway. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

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