Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…


I would like to think that the 25 comments in my queue contain an element of interaction; that somewhere, if I look hard enough, there will be a word of encouragement, a glimpse of solidarity, anything by way of human connection.  But I know.  I know you are blips and bops and spam and ads and things much worse.  You sound so plausible.  I suppose some must succumb, or why would you waste your time in such futile endeavours?  But I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now and I know.  I know your sycophantic ways. So Gerri, Vicki, Bunni, Ollie, Bobo, Maverick and Ellie I will not waste my time scouring your contributions, checking if you are really ‘spam’.  Instead I will consign you to the bin, a bulk action, along with the rest of my junk.  And I will wait for that gem of a comment that is genuine, and I will approve that to sparkle on my blog, outshining and outweighing the rest of you by a mile.

We do not accept spammers or weirdos here!

I know; I shouldn’t rise to the bait;  I shouldn’t respond to spammers and nitwits, serial commenters, abusive people, and all those who have nothing better to do with their time than post inane comments, links to money making schemes, optimisation sites, writers websites, sex websites or anything else that I’m not interested in and will NEVER look at!  I should ignore them, and bin the comments without a second thought.  I do bin the comments of course, they are time-wasting trash and deserve to be permanently and forever deleted, but I can’t help wondering who does this sort of thing and why.  Is it some ‘robot code’ searching for key words, or a real person trawling the net, fishing for suckers?  I don’t know, and I shouldn’t care.  I have already wasted more time, energy, and grey matter on the subject, than the combined thought of every person who has tried to comment on my blog.  I know this, but still I wonder!

May be there are people desperate for cash, or worse, communication; may be they are addicted to what they do; may be they really don’t have anything better to do with their time.  How sad.

There!  I’ve thought it. I’ve said it.  I will give it no more consideration!

For all you sad, sorry, poor and lonely people out there, feel free to try and post your comments: they will never be read.  They will never be approved for publication.  They will ALWAYS be deleted.  Understand the meaning of futility and do something constructive rather than wasting your efforts in this futile attempt to entice me.

Please don’t waste your time – or mine!

Anyone with anything real to say, please feel free to comment!