Lil’ Ol’ Me

We all see ourselves through the eyes of our experiences, the people and places that have shaped us; others see us through their own filters.

‘Who am I?’ can have a very flexible answer!

I am probably almost certainly not who you think I am..

I can tell you what I do, and I can tell you the things I am passionate about, and you will decide if there are links and synergies to be made.

I live in a remote location in the highlands of Scotland and couldn’t dream of anywhere better for me. I LOVE living highland wild!

So far, I have worked out that I like doing lots of things but am expert at few: I dabble in writing, photography, crafting, art, gardening and DIY; Cooking, eating and growing my own food organically is paramount to my existence. I love being out and about and enjoy, appreciate and seek to protect all things natural (I’m not a Buddhist: I will kill slugs and caterpillars if they threaten my veg!) I like all sorts of music too varied to list, and enjoying singing and dancing – I have no talent for either.

I have a natural affinity with the underdog, the dispossessed, the loner, and have worked as an advocate for people who are considered ‘different’ by society and less able to cope than sterotypical people.  I have worked in the voluntary sector for over a decade in mental health, community work and with people on the Autistic Spectrum. I currently spend my time writing and cooking although not exactly making a living.

I  come from a generation of protesters.  I carry a fold-up soap box most of the time. Don’t get me started…

Contacting me.
Should you wish to contact me about my  ‘photography’ ‘writing’ or ‘cookery’ pages, then please use the contact form below:

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