I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer and have been taking photos for nearly 40 years. That’s not to say I’m a brilliant photographer. I have only recently relinquished my old film Pentax for a shiny not-quite-new Olympus DSLR, and still have the ‘L-plates’ on, but I’m loving being able to snap happy and experiment. I’m not one for tinkering with photos once they’ve been shot – not entirely for purist motives- my grasp of Photoshop is definitely elementary; getting the best picture on the day is what it’s about for me, whether that’s a moody landscape or colourful still life. It will take me years to grasp all the intricacies of my cameras workings, and there’s plenty of room for improvement.

I’ve uploaded some low res images for viewing here, but please contact me if you’re interested in a particular photograph.   I do occasionally sell the odd print, and friends and fellow photographers have indicated that some of my work isn’t too shoddy!

You can view the images full screen if you click on them.  Press ‘esc’ to return to normal view. The viewer and low resolution doesn’t do the pictures much justice, but it will give you a flavour for the sort of images I like to capture.

I hope you enjoy looking through.

I have never updated this page due to the clunky upload mechanism, however, watch this space.  My photos will be going LARGE on their own SOON(ish!)


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