Primary Crush

Robin skidded to a halt beside Jenny, scuffing gravel up her short-socked white legs.

“Hey!” he exhaled, out of breath.

“Hey yourself!”

Jenny didn’t look at him; she carried on walking.

“Shall I carry your satchel, then, Jen?” Robin asked, half pleading.

“No thanks.”

Robin slowed, stalled, momentarily perplexed.

“Wha’ssup then?”

Jenny was still walking.


Robin picked up his speed; paced beside her.

“But I always carry your satchel home”

“Well, not today; Not any day actually!” She replied haughtily.

“But” Robin stammered helplessly.

Jenny stopped now and turned towards her suitor.  She folded her arms and looked Robin straight in the eyes:

“I’ve decided not to be your girlfriend anymore” It was a statement; without emotion.

Robin breathed out now, deflated:


He wiped away a solitary tear with the back of his hand, a droplet of snot, catching on his sleeve.

“Does that mean..?” His sentence petered out, hung in the air, half question , half despondency.

“We can still be friends” Jenny announced in a bright but matter of fact tone.

“Here, have my satchel, you can walk me home!”