The Demo

Greg donned his hat and glanced at himself in the shop window.  Yeah.  Cool.

Already an audience had gathered and the demonstration wasn’t starting for 10 minutes.  The bell tinkled in a continuous peel as people, mostly women, entered the shop.

Greg was feeling confident.  Last month he’d demonstrated chocolate fondant.  Perfect puddings with a gooey middle.  The fans – as he thought of his customers – couldn’t get enough of them, and the book was selling, well, like hot cakes.

‘Today I’ll be demonstrating pana cotta’

He soaked gelatine; warmed the cream, milk, vanilla, sugar. Squeezed the gelatine, adding it to the liquid; spooned the mixture into ramekins.

‘Et Voila!  Here’s some I made earlier for you to try.’

He took the tray from the chiller, and removed a ramekin tipping it carefully onto the dish.  It hadn’t set.

‘Never mind love’.  The woman at the front said, winking.



Selected for entry to the Ad Hoc Fiction flash fiction Magazine, August 2017